New Player Guide Wanted

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New Player Guide Wanted

Postby Kit on Sun Dec 13, 2009 7:57 pm

Ad revenue from the site has been picking up lately and I've used this to increase game advertising, resulting in an increase in new players.

I'd like to have someone write a guide for new players, this would be something to help people who are brand new to the game figure out how to set up and build a profitable company. I'm thinking about something that would cover the first week or two of play and help people understand the kinds of decisions that they will need to make to build a successful company.

Things I'd like to see covered:

1) How to set up a store, how merchant licenses work
2) How to set up a factory, how manufacturing licenses work
3) When you might want a warehouse and how to set one up
4) How to use the market
5) Supply contracts and how/why you would use them.

You can certainly go into more depth and cover other areas, but those are the basics, I think.

I'd be willing to pay anyone who is willing to write this guide $20 US via paypal or check to a US or Canadian address. You probably need to be a native English speaker, or at least have very good English skills.

If you are interested, set me a PM or email to


-- Kit
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Re: New Player Guide Wanted

Postby cymby on Wed Jun 15, 2011 11:35 am

May I suggest use an instruction to guide the new palyer? I really would like to give a hand, unfortunately, English is not my native language...
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