Some tips from Zerkridge LLC

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Some tips from Zerkridge LLC

Postby zerkridge on Fri Oct 31, 2008 7:14 pm

I started in Oct 0049 and since then I have risen to the 3rd Top company. I have found a great combination of products, production, and store sales strategies which at the time of writing leave me with six figure net profit/month and no loan debt. While I will not give out a spoiler as to how I got to where I am (nor will I claim what I have is the best possible setup), I will share some tips that can assist people in making some money. Some of these may sound remedial but I'll list them anyway.

Buy low, sell high - This one is obvious. Find a product or set of products that you can get "cheaply" and sell them at the highest possible amount you can..

If possible, produce an item from start to finish - If you plan on making Cola's, try to make the cans too. This will give you more profit over the life (raw materials to store purchase) of your product.

Use all open slots in your stores - Don't leave any spots open in your stores. If you aren't producing extra to sell, purchase some from the market or get a supply contract until you can build another factory.

Producing extra product by adding shifts can help or hurt you - Figure out the cost of producing extra product. In some cases extra shifts bring extra money but with some products, it causes the cost of the item to increase so much that even with the extra product to sell, you will make less money. Don't just look at the money made in the factory, add all the profits from factory, warehouse, and store to get a total profit amount. You may be surprised.

Just because you can sell 50 units doesn't mean you should - You may find that selling 25 of that product will give you more money than selling 50. The bonus is you have more money and have more product to sell for even more money. (I'm not claiming there is a combination like the one in the example, just making a point)

Sell everything you produce - If you can, keep your warehouse empty unless you need a buffer. If you have the government as your supplier, don't be afraid to have no product buffer in the warehouse.

Hopefully this helps those that are new to get on their feet quickly.

-Zerkridge LLC
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Re: Some tips from Zerkridge LLC

Postby Morpheus on Fri Nov 20, 2009 12:45 am


1) you can fill all 4 slots of a single shop with the same good. e.g. your shop is able to sell 4 times cola

2) marketing: increases the sales in the selected shop. the levels are none: normal sale, half 1,5 times the normal sale, full 2 times

3) marketing 2: generally having full marketing gives at some prices more profit than the other options. do an excel spreadsheet using the values you get if you click in the value of the profit in the shop list; but the higher shops, i think starting at toys produce a negative income on full marketing during a panic, so you have to calculate the additional profit the production of a good makes if it sells all its products to the shop (always at the base price) and the negative income of the shop, against dropping marketing and selling the produced goods on the market.
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