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CEO:AlexanderIdle:1 Hour
Last Trade:10.39Founded:May 6696
Last Year Range:8.52 - 10.39Retirement:May 6740
Change:0.21 (2.06%)Market Cap:8.57M
P/E:1.25 Double Up Book Value:9.51M
P/S:0.21 Double Up Div & Yield:None Down
Annual Stock Price

This Company has no Stores, 2 Factories, and no Warehouses.

Selling in StoresProducing in FactoriesStoring in Warehouses
  • Nothing.
  • Circuit Board
  • Nothing.
Annual Income Statement
PERIOD ENDINGDec 6697Dec 6696
Total Revenue Glossary Entry5,627,0003,987,200
Cost of Revenue Glossary Entry1,228,500846,560
Gross Profit Glossary Entry4,398,5003,140,640
Operating Expenses
Selling General and Administrative Glossary Entry2,756,2562,244,504
Non Recurring Glossary Entry0500,000
Operating Income or Loss Glossary Entry1,642,244396,136
Interest Expense Glossary Entry00
Income Before Tax1,642,244396,136
Income Tax Expense00
Net Income Glossary Entry1,642,244396,136
Return on Investment Capital Glossary Entry23.52%8.17%
Stock Dividends00
Annual Balance Sheet
PERIOD ENDINGDec 6697Dec 6696
Assets Glossary Entry
Cash and Cash Equivalents Glossary Entry2,102,350509,944
Inventory Glossary Entry108,55096,200
Property Plant and Equipment Glossary Entry4,770,0004,240,000
Intangible Assets Glossary Entry200,000200,000
Total Assets Glossary Entry7,180,9005,046,144
Liabilities Glossary Entry
Long Term Debt Glossary Entry
Net Tangible Assets Glossary Entry7,180,9005,046,144