Player Start/End Help

Player Round Information for Manik
Started: May 6697
Will End: May 6897

The game universe for The Capitalist Game is ongoing. It does not reset and has been updating continuously since September of 2008 when the game was launched. This means that a new player can start at any time and not be at a disadvantage. Because the goals of the game are all centered around growth, if player accounts did not reset then they would grow without bound.

To eliminate this problem companies reset after 40 years, and player accounts reset after 200 years at which point an entry in the historical high score list is created and your player assets are all reset back to zero and any rewards (medals) that you have received are removed. This does not affect your company which will continue until it's separate retirement (reset) date.

Choosing to implement a player reset rather than a game reset has several advantages. Firstly, this approach is similar to the real world where our own mortality serves as a limiting factor. Even someone as successful as Warren Buffet only has a limited amount of time to grow their fortune. Secondly it allows for an economy that has players at all capitalization levels at all times. In a round based game all the best players tend to be at the same place at all times. I believe that this approach allows for both new and veteran players to play all phases of the game on their own personal schedule. It also allows comparison between players by reviewing the historical record. The limit chosen corresponds to 100 days of real world time. This should allow players to try different strategies as well as try to beat their own and other players historical high scores.