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The Capitalist Game is a web based economic simulation, there is no software to download to play the game.

Each player will run a company, buying goods from the Government or other companies then either selling these goods to consumers, or using them to manufacture other products. Each player is trying to build the largest, most efficient business empire. See if you have what it takes to be a successful Capitalist.

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Sample Factory List
Factory and Production Line List

Starting with a few million dollars provided by private investors you will have the opportunitly to grow your company by manufacturing and selling products. As you earn money from these activities you can reinvest the profits in your business to purchase licenses to manufacture and sell higher value, more profitable products.

Size: 15,000 ft2
Cotton Cotton
1 Units
Petrochem Petrochem
7 Units
Plastic Pellets Plastic Pellets
6 Units

Aspirin Aspirin
16 Units
Setup Costs: $30,000Monthly: $5,000
Production Line for Aspirin.

Detailed financial information is provided, including an Income Statement and Balance Sheet for your company as well as an Income Statement for each production line and store sales unit. You can quickly and easily track which activities are the most profitible and adjust or retool your company to generate maximum profits.

Sample Income Statement

Annual Income Statement for Company The Red Baron

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